Sheets that keep kids covered

… all night long….

Triple stitched, designed to last

… even in the harshest environments …

A better night's sleep

… for you and for them …

Perfect for any bed size

.. crib, toddler, twin, full & queen…

Safe, snug & secure

… and sound asleep at last …

YKK - the ultimate zip

… no catching, sticking, or breaking …

Crib size short sheeting feature

… adjusts to your childs age & height …

Wide variety of colors

… from neutral to vibrant ….

No more restless sleep

… just happy campers …

What are Kids Zip Sheets?

Kids Zip Sheets are a type of Zipper Bedding designed to prevent children from kicking off or tangling in their bed sheets. Often times, children waken frequently during the night because they have kicked off their covers and are cold.  This results in disturbed sleep not only for the children but also for the adults in the household.  With Kids Zip Sheets, everyone can sleep more soundly all through the night!

How are they constructed?  Our regular twin, full and queen size sheet sets are sewn with the flat sheet attached to the fitted sheet and zips on both sides to allow for easy entrance and exit.  There is an area left open on each side to allow for ventilation.  Each set comes with pillow case(s), one with the twin and crib sizes and two with the full and queen sizes.  Need some reasons to try Kids Zip Sheets?  They come in beautiful vibrant colors, they make it easy to make up the beds, and they are FUN to sleep in! Kids LOVE them!

We are the first to produce a zippered toddler bed sheet set that allows the top sheet to fold down onto itself with press-clips. This ‘short sheeting’ method allows you to shorten the top sheet to various lengths depending on the age and height of your young child. These are referred to as crib size because they fit some crib size mattresses but they are to be used with children who are 12 months of age or older.

Kids Zip Sheets have been tested and meet CPSC safety standards. They are free from Lead, toxic Metals andPhthalates and DO NOT pose a choking, aspiration or ingestion hazard.  However, it is important to use these sheets with the appropriate age range for children. They are not to be used with infants or babies under the age of 12 months.

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“I would definitely recommend these sheets to other parents.  My daughter was afraid to have her toes uncovered during the night because she feared something would come and eat them off!  But Kids Zip Sheets completely eliminates this problem because the sheet is sewn directly to the fitted sheet, creating a sleeping bag environment while being attached to a mattress. 

“Ella loves her zip sheets. I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. We have had 4 nights of sleeping through the night with no waking up because she has kicked her rugs off. Now when I check on her ( out of habit now not necessity) she is as snug as a bug in a rug. Thank you for a wonderful good quality product.” – Kathy

“Thanks Kids Zip Sheets — we received our set last week and as you can see, they have made my little boy, Braden, very happy! (And Mum’s happy too – no more getting tangled up or un-tucked sheets during the night!!). I would highly recommend Kids Zip Sheets to anyone – they look great, are easy to put on the bed and most of all, keep your kids warm and comfortable!”

“The best part of Kids Zip Sheets was waking up in the morning and having my daughter tell me she made her bed!  She’s 6 and she’s struggled with this task because she usually rips off all the blankets from the bed each night and somehow they get tangled into one big mess. With the Kids Zip Sheets, the blankets stayed in place because the sheet stayed in place.  So making her bed is a piece of cake.”