About Us – Bringing Kids Zip Sheets to the USA!

We are a small, family owned business.  Our journey to online selling began in May 2010 when we started to look for a home based business.   Trying to live a more traditional lifestyle with a stay at home mom became harder and harder to do.  We found an opportunity to learn how to build a website and sell online.  We were leery but motivated to make it work.  A month later, our website http://www bunkbedsbunker.com was launched.  It’s been a journey of trials and errors, successes and failures, and learning experiences for sure.  We’ve gained much from the experience and the site has been successful.

In the course of sourcing new products for our website, we stumbled on to the Kids Zip Sheets.  Knowing how well our bunk bed sheets sell, we knew these would be a hit too.  They would be the perfect addition to our existing website but we wanted to bring them to an even larger audience.  With no distributor in the USA, the only way to get them here was to take on this distributorship or wait for someone else to take it on and maybe not be able to carry them.  Therefore, we decided to give it a try.   When we believe in a product, promoting it is easy and that’s how we feel about the Kids Zip Sheets.  Our customers can hear it in our voice if we love a product.  Even though we have some similar products in the United States, there is nothing quite like this.  The concept, the super soft fabrics, the rich colors, and the benefits make these an awesome kids bedding product.  We are very excited to be bringing these sheets to the United States!

Global presence

Our product Kids Zip Sheets managed to penetrate the baby and children goods market and became one of the fastest growing brands locally and internationally. We have expanded our customer reach to serve more customers in Australia and even globally. The year 2013 was a big year for us. We have seen our brand expand into Canada and New Zealand. Seeing our product reach out to these countries even motivated us to push ourselves harder in making the world experience the benefits of the Kids Zip Sheet. We are dreaming of reaching further. Seeing our brand grow and expand in the United Kingdom and other nearby countries is a work in progress we are trying to achieve. Kids Sheets Zips is here and we intend to stay and be part of the lives of children and parents around the world.


This product was Patented in several countries in 2013 and prohibits others from manufacturing, using and/or selling this invention without consent.