7 Kids Zipper Bedding Myths – Busted!

7 Kids Zipper Bedding Myths – Busted!

Common Misconceptions about Kids Zipper Bedding

Zipper Bedding Myths

  1. Myth – It’s confining. Some types may be but our Kids Zip Sheets are only sewn together at the lower portion of the bed. An area is left open for ventilation and then zippers run the rest of the way up on each side. You can be totally zipped in if desired but you can also leave both sides unzipped. The top sheet stays in place so it’s easy to keep covered without that zipped up feeling.
  2. Myth – It’s hot. I have heard some folks say that the zippered bedding is hot. The “all in one” sets (comforter & sheets combined) that contain some polyester may be warm. Our sheets are 100% cotton and in warmer climates or summer time, they are enough used alone. In the winter, you can throw on any top blanket or comforter made of any fabric but comfortable cotton will be against your skin. We also have an area on each side that is left unsown for ventilation making it easy to stick your foot out.
  3. Myth – My child can’t get to the bathroom in time. Most children needing to make quick trips to the bathroom are young and not too tall. Our sheets are only attached at the bottom of the bed so at the most, the child’s feet would be tucked in. Leave the zippered side open and it’s quick to get out.
  4. Myth – It’s line dry only. This is partially true as our first batch of flannel sheets are line dry only. All other stock may be safely dried in a machine dryer.
  5. Myth – They are cheaply made. Not our sheets! We are constantly maintaining the quality of our Kids Zip Sheets. They are made of 250 TC cotton, sewn with precision, and inspected before we ever receive them. As a team, we constantly look for ways to improve them. If you do get a defective one, we promptly replace it.
  6. Myth – They aren’t safe. Our sheets are tested in a third party CSPC approved lab and they meet all safety standards required for products of their kind. We wouldn’t sell them otherwise. So you can rest assured that Kids Zip Sheets contain no lead or phthalate in the zippers and they pass the small parts testing.
  7. Myth – The crib size are for babies. ABSOLUTELY NOT! The crib sets are for crib size mattresses to be used by children ages 2 – 12. Babies should not have a top sheet or a pocket to scrunch down in. Even though our crib sheets can be short sheeted, that is to accommodate toddlers and can be adjusted as your child grows.

Cozy Up for Winter with Kids Flannel Sheets

Cozy Up for Winter with Kids Flannel Sheets

Flannel Sheets For Boys

Sky Blue & Lilac Kids Flannel Sheets

Fall is just around the corner and after that comes long, cold winter nights. We all know cool temperatures and short days make for great sleeping! But when the kids become uncovered during cooler months, they chill more quickly and wake more frequently. That sleep wake cycle often disturbs not only the kids but everyone in the house. That’s why it’s a good time to consider kids flannel sheets. 

A cooler bedroom conserves energy and promotes a better night’s sleep. But that makes warm, cozy bedding even more important. During warmer months, a kicked off cover may not even be missed but in the coldest part of the year, you will know if you become uncovered. Our flannel sheets for kids are super soft, cozy, and warm but they have a unique feature that sets them apart from the rest – zippers. They were created to solve a problem or meet a need parents have – that need to keep their kids covered at night.

Our kids flannel sheet sets come with a matching pillow case and zippers that are incorporated into the design. The one piece bedding is an EASY solution too – easy to wash, easy to put on the bed, and easy to keep the kids tucked. The super soft, thick flannel will make bed time almost inviting to the kids, if that’s possible. Kids love to zip themselves in and out of bed and they have the satisfaction of making their own beds by zipping them right up in the morning.

We have kids flannel sheets twin and full sizes. Sky blue is the perfect flannel sheet set for boys or girls and lilac is a great choice for girls flannel sheets. But the best part is that we are clearing them out to make room for more stock. The flannel stock was manufactured in Pakistan and we recommend line drying for it. All other Kids Zip Sheets may be dried in the dryer.

So don’t be left out in the cold. Stock up now on kids flannel sheets for your kiddos while they are still in stock. Kids Zip Sheets will keep them warm and covered!

Lilac Kids Flannel Sheets for Girls

14 Things to Know About Kids Zip Bedding

14 Things to Know About Kids Zip Bedding

14 Things to Know About Zip Bedding

Read this before buying Kids Zip Bedding

      1. It is fitted. As with any fitted bedding product, always measure your mattress to make sure it will fit properly. Kids Zip Sheets fit standard size beds with mattresses up to 14″ thick. The depth of the mattress will determine how tightly they will fit on the mattress. There is still ample room with the top sheet.
      2. It will make your top bedding look better. A fitted zipper sheet will make a top comforter or blanket look better because the sheets underneath fit neatly. It keeps top bedding in place as you sleep too!
      3. It is not for use in children under the age of 2. Infants and babies should sleep in a crib with nothing but a fitted sheet. No top sheet, pillows, bumper, stuffed animals, blanket, or anything that could pose a suffocation hazard. Fitted bedding is awesome but it should be used responsibly and with the appropriate age children.
      4. It is ideal for children over the age of 2 and up to age 12. The benefits of this type bedding work well with children in this age group. It’s easy for them to manage and it serves a purpose of keeping them covered. There is enough extra sheet on the top that adults or older children can use these too but they are really intended for this age group.
      5. It is EASY to make. Your child can be up, out of bed and the bed made in literally seconds compared to a minute or more tucking a traditional bedspread and sheets. Some folks never really learn to make a bed well.
      6. It’s new but not really. Zip bedding in some form has been around for years. Duvet covers zip over an insert so only the cover needs changed and of course sleeping bags are the preferred bed for camping and sleepovers. However, zip bedding has taken on a new twist in recent years. It’s a merging of these ideas to create a product that serves families well in a home setting and solves common problems like children waking at night because they are cold or beds being a mess because they are too hard to make.
      7. It’s great for bunk beds, loft beds, or any hard to make bed. Tucking is hard enough on a regular bed but when the bed is elevated or up against a wall, it’s impossible. Kids Zip Sheets can be a lifesaver.
      8. It’s EASY care. The top sheet and fitted sheet are sewn together so they go on and come off as one piece. All Kids Zip Sheets are machine washable and now machine dryable too!
      9.  It makes tucking a thing of the past.  You won’t need to do any more tucking as the sheets are sewn together. You put on the sheets once as you would put on a fitted sheet and you are done until it’s time to take them off to wash.
      10. 10. It comes in rich, vibrant colors. The gorgeous colors look good enough to use alone. There is a solid color that will work with any other decor – if not, choose white as it goes with everything.
      11. It is adaptable to your child. If you have a child who likes the tucked in feeling, zip the sheets up on both sides. If you have a child who wants to be tucked in but likes a little more freedom, leave them unzipped. The zipper sheets stay in place on the bed even if they aren’t zipped up. For bunk & loft beds, leave the wall side zipped up and the front side open and they work just like inseparable attached bunk bed sheets.
      12. It makes your bed will look neat and tidy. That’s a given as zip bedding will make your bed look like the mattress is just covered. It will show off your bed frame beautifully.
      13. It won’t lock you in to a print. You can always use whatever comforter or blanket you want on top of the sheets or use them alone. Used alone, they can be accessorized with fancy toss pillows.
      14. It is reasonably priced.  Zipper sheets are more reasonably priced than zipper comforters and you have more flexibility with them. You have the benefit of zip bedding but are not limited with the print or design of a comforter.


Crib Sheets or Toddler Bed Sheets?

Crib Sheets or Toddler Bed Sheets?

Toddler Bed Sheets for Boys & Girls     sheets for toddler beds

To me, the words “crib sheet” can be a little misleading and I think our crib sheets should really be referred to as  toddler bed sheets. They are intended to be used by toddlers and younger children ages 2-5. For safety reasons, it is not recommended to have any top sheet, pillow, blanket, or stuffed animal in bed with an infant or baby. However, the crib mattress used by the baby is the same size as a toddler bed mattress and often the same mattress that gets moved to the toddler bed once your child is ready. So the size of the sheet is named for the size mattress it fits – in this case a crib size mattress or a toddler bed mattress. So, when your child reaches the age of 2, they may still be using the crib size mattress but they are finally ready for a top sheet, a blanket, and a pillow. At that point, our Crib Size Kids Zip Sheets make the perfect toddler bedding.

All standard crib size Kids Zip Sheets come with a fitted sheet, an attached custom made flat sheet, and one junior pillow case. The top sheet has 3 different length settings and can be adjusted using the snap fasteners which are firmly attached to the sheets. Your child will stay tucked in, stay in bed, and feel secure for that transition from the crib to a toddler bed.

We can’t stress enough the importance of using this product responsibly. It can pose a suffocation hazard if not used for the appropriate age child. It is NOT intended for use with children under the age of 2 and the responsibility for ensuring proper use once it’s purchased falls solely on the parent or guardian. It is an amazing product and perfect for your 2-12 year old children.  Please use this product as intended and we know you will love Kids Zip Sheets!

20 Tips to Tidy Your Room

20 Tips to Tidy Your Room

zipper sheets make a bed easy

Neat Beds Start with Zip Up Bed Sheets!  Read our Tips to Tidy Your Room!

  1. Make your bed. What a great place to start. A messy bed will make the rest of the room look messy even if it’s not. The bed is the centerpiece! Use easy bedding like zip up bed sheets for kids rooms to make the job simple. Use the sheets alone or with your favorite comforter.   Zipper sheets are one option but there are other types of easy bedding on the market that take the work out of making your bed. Make the bed first to give a sense of accomplishment and to give a place to use as you work through the rest of the items.
  2. Don’t eat in your bedroom. If you do, clean up after each snack to keep from having wrappers or food lying around. It can spoil or draw bugs .
  3. Have a place for everything. Book cases for books. Shelving for trinkets. Hooks for coats and hats. Drawers and closets for clothes and shoes. Always put things back in their place after you are done using them.
  4. Don’t skimp on storage solutions. Storage bins and baskets as well as under bed storage can all help. Use shoe boxes or shipping boxes and mark them as to what you are storing in them. Stack them in the closet or corner to optimize space.
  5. Do basic cleaning every week. If you wait too long, the task becomes too hard. Simple dusting and vacuuming with a bit of straightening can go a long way.
  6. Keep a trash can handy and use it. Sort through daily papers and pitch what you don’ t need. Empty it frequently.
  7. Use a hamper for dirty clothes. If closes are clean enough to wear again, have a special place to hang or fold them and limit it to that area rather than having clothes lying all over the room. Or better yet, hang them back up or fold them and place them back in the drawers. It doesn’t take much longer to do that than it does to toss them in a corner.
  8. Don’t let laundry pile up. Do it weekly or as the hamper gets full. Or better yet, take your clothes to a hamper in the bathroom freeing up that space in your room but do it daily or as needed so clothes don’t pile up in your room. Put clean laundry away so it doesn’t pile up too.
  9. Keep your closet in order. Closets often end up being a place to stash things. Clean it frequently. Discard clothing or shoes you won’t wear and keep it simple.
  10. Create a schedule. Clean zones of your room rather than the whole room. If you have a desk and it’s messy, just clean that one week. If you have a bookcase and shelving, clean that area the next week. It won’t be so overwhelming. Frequent quick cleaning mixed in with less frequent thorough cleaning is a good combo.
  11. Solicit a helper. If you are someone who needs a boost to get motivated, have mom or a friend help out.
  12. Make cleaning fun. Clean to music. Use cleaning products that have a scent you love. Do a little dancing as you clean.
  13. Declutter. If you have too much stuff, consider donating items to a local charity or try selling items to make a few bucks.
  14. Choose furniture that has a bonus storage feature. Ottomans that double as storage bins and seating. Beds that come with under bed storage drawers.
  15. Items that you aren’t using, store elsewhere. If you have items you aren’t using but want to keep, box them up and store in the basement, garage or attic. Make them so you will know where to find them if you need to.
  16. Keep tops of furniture clear. Tops of dressers, vanities, chests should have only the minimum items so it’s easy to dust them. Have a place for smaller trinkets, jewelry, daily things that tend to accumulate on tops of furniture.
  17. Use your closets and drawers. Hang clothes back up or fold and put away. It doesn’t take long to do that.
  18. Feather dusters are great for quick dusting. Other quick cleaning supplies like wipes or cleaning cloths make it unnecessary to keep bottles and cans of cleaning supplies handy.

19.. Lift your bed. Consider bed risers if your bed is too low to the floor. Then you can maximize the under bed area for storage containers.

  1. Sort. If you are overwhelmed by the mess, start by sorting trash or papers, clothes, and other things. Then sort the papers and trash for actual trash – place papers in a file. Sort clothes by dirty and clean. Put the dirty clothes in the hamper – fold clean clothes and put them away. Sort through the other items and place in storage bins, on shelves, etc where they go.
Understanding Thread Count for Kids Sheets

Understanding Thread Count for Kids Sheets

Understanding thread count is just one factor to consider when selecting sheets for kids!

Most people assume a higher thread count means a superior product.  However, a lower thread count may be finished in a way to feel like it is a higher thread count.  Thread count is just one of the factors used to determine the best sheets for your kids.

thread count 4

Thread Count is basically the number of threads woven together in a square inch of fabric including the vertical (warp) threads and the horizontal (weft) threads.  The maximum number of threads that you can weave into a square inch is 500-600.  So when manufacturers come up with thread counts of 800 or 1200, they are using creative ways to come up with those numbers.  It’s impossible to fit that many threads into a square inch.  They may be using multiple ply threads thus counting each thread as more than one.

thread count 5

A thread count of 180-200 is considered a good quality sheet.  Anything above that would be considered better quality.   Sheets with a thread count of 250-300 will feel silkier and when you get to the 300-400 thread count, you will have the premium or luxurious sheets.  For comparison purposes, muslin fabric has a thread count of about 150 making it feel a bit rougher.   If you hold a lower thread count fabric up to the light, you can see through it easier than a higher thread count.  Higher thread counts are less likely to pill or fuzz.

thread count 2


How the thread count is determined is called the construction.  It may be constructed by counting the number of warp threads and the number of welt threads.  It may be constructed by counting the number of picks in the weft – a pick is just extra threads inserted into the weft.  Or it may be constructed by counting multiple ply yarns as more than 1 yarn when it should be counted as one.

thread counts1

So even though we’ve been led to believe that the higher the thread count, the better the product, that’s not necessarily true.  A thread count of 180-200 can be a very good quality product and it can be finished in a way that makes it feel better than the so called higher thread counts. Thread count, or number of threads, is important but the quality of the threads and the weave are also important factors to consider when selecting the best kids sheets.  We will explore those in future posts.