Zip Bedding Review

Posh Little Zip Bedding Review of Kids Zip Sheets

Posh Little’s Zip Bedding Review! We have another review – Posh Little’s zip bedding review has been posted.  Karen from Posh Little has reviewed our sky blue flannel Kids Zip Sheets.  They look tidy underneath her cute comforter and they will stay neatly in place whether someone is sleeping in bed or not.  That’s one of the best points about our zip bedding – it stays in place!  So visit the Posh Little blog and ready more…

Review of Kids Zip Sheets

Review of Kids Zip Sheets by Outnumbered 3 to1 Blog

Read another review of Kids Zip Sheets from one of our mommy bloggers.  See how our sheets can help solve a problem you may be having with your children.  If they wake frequently during the night because they become uncovered, our sheets will keep they covered.  The uniqe zipper design keeps them tucked in! Read our latest blog review at Best Zip Sheets. 

First Kids Zip Sheets Review

First Kids Zip Sheets Review here in the USA

First Kids Zip Sheets Review Thank you Heather! “I would definitely recommend these sheets to other parents. My daughter was afraid to have her toes uncovered during the night because she feared something would come and eat them off! I think this is a very common fear of kids (and some adults) since I can remember being the same way. I can also remember my mom taking big diaper pins of yesteryear and pinning the…