First Kids Zip Sheets Review here in the USA

First Kids Zip Sheets Review

Thank you Heather!

kids zip sheets review

“I would definitely recommend these sheets to other parents. My daughter was afraid to have her toes uncovered during the night because she feared something would come and eat them off! I think this is a very common fear of kids (and some adults) since I can remember being the same way. I can also remember my mom taking big diaper pins of yesteryear and pinning the sheets and blankets to the bottom of my mattress growing up because I would rip them out over the night, expose my toes, freak out and wake them up to come fix my sheets. Thankfully my daughter has only done this a couple of times! But Kids Zip Sheets completely eliminates this problem because the sheet is sewn directly to the fitted sheet, creating a sleeping bag environment while being attached to a mattress. My daughter’s mattress is thin since she has a captain’s bed, but the sheets stayed on her mattress and could fit on a deeper mattress still with no problem.”

kids zip sheets review

“The best part of Kids Zip Sheets was waking up in the morning and having my daughter tell me she made her bed! She’s 6 and she’s struggled with this task because she usually rips off all the blankets from the bed each night and somehow they get tangled into one big mess. With the Kids Zip Sheets, the blankets stayed in place because the sheet stayed in place. So making her bed is a piece of cake. Now if I can get her to clean her room!” – Heather

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