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Kids Zip Sheets White Crib

Crib Size Cotton Kids Zip Sheets – White

$69.95 USD

Ready to transition your little one from a crib to a toddler bed?  Let Zip Crib Sheets make the transition a little easier!  Our zipper bed sheets for toddler beds are attached at the foot of the bed with zippers up each side.  There is an area left open for ventilation if your child gets warm at night.  Zip the sides up for a tucked in feeling or leave them unzipped, either way, the bedding stays in place and your child’s cover is in reach.  These sheets will even keep a small child from rolling out of a toddler bed.  Please note, these are not for children under the age of 2.  They should be used for toddlers or young children ages 2-5.   When your child is ready for a standard twin or full size bed, we have Kids Zip Sheets to fit those beds too!

Product Description

Zip Crib Sheets – White

Our White Zip Crib Sheets are the perfect, first toddler bed sheets for boys or girls.  They are named crib size because they fit a crib size mattress which is the same size mattress used in most toddler beds.  These sheets are NOT to be used for babies, infants, or children under the age of 2.  For safety purposes, babies and infants should sleep in a crib with no pillows, top sheets, blankets, or stuffed animals – just a fitted bed sheet.  It is not until the age of 2 that other bedding can be introduced.

Our Crib Size Kids Zip Sheets come with a fitted sheet, an attached custom made flat sheet, and one junior pillow case.  The top sheet has 3 different length settings and can be adjusted using pressclips which are firmly attached to the sheet.   This ‘short sheeting’ method allows you to shorten the top sheet depending on the age and height of your young child.


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Fabric: 100% Cotton
Bed Size: Crib 52″ x 28″ x 10″
Color: White
Thread Count: T250
Construction: Fitted sheet is sewn to flat sheet with zippers on either side. Snaps allow short sheeting to adjust to your child’s height.
Safety: This product meets the CPSC safety standards. It does contain small parts (snaps). It is prop tested and formaldehyde free.
Recommended age for use: 12 months or older

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These sheets are available in fushcia, bright blue, & white.


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