Full Size Cotton Kids Zip Sheets – Aqua

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A zipper bed is the latest craze!   Does your child always kick the covers off?   Not any more as the fitted sheet and top sheet are sewn together at the foot of the bed and part way up both sides.  There is an open area for ventilation and zips the rest of the way up.  The covers will stay in place all night long so your child can rest better and so can you.  Our newest color is Aqua.   So new in fact that we don’t have an image for it yet.  The image shown is our flannel but the new cotton aqua color is very similar to this shade.

A zipper bed is the perfect solution for bunk bed bedding.  These sheets are so easy, you will never need to tuck sheets again making it a wise choice for elevated beds or beds that are up against a wall. But they also work on any bed.  Your children will have a sense of satisfaction knowing they can make their own bed easily!

This product is currently out of stock but due in August 2020. Stock sells out fast, so we are taking backorders if you want to reserve your sheets. Credit cards are charged at the time of the order and stock will be shipped out as soon as it is available.

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Our bed sheets with a zipper will turn your bed into a zip bed!
Not only are these bed sheets with a zipper  easy to make, they turn your child's bed into a zipper bed and they help keep the kids tucked in all night too.  This unique product comes with the fitted sheet and top sheet sewn together at the foot of the bed and partway up both sides.  There is a span of open area for ventilation and the rest of each side has a zipper.  Leave it zipped the whole way up or part way.  Leave one side zipped and the other unzipped.  In the morning, zip both sides up and the bed is made.  Throw your favorite comforter, quilt or blanket on top or use the brightly colored kids zip sheets alone.  A zipper bed will make a bunk bed or any bed look tidy with just the sheets.  This sheet set will fit standard full size mattresses (75" x 54") up to 14" deep.  Ideal for children ages 2-12 on any bed type.

View our complete line of zipper bedding.  If you are new to this type of bedding, read the 14 Things to know before you buy Zipper Bedding.

Fabric: 100% Cotton
Bed Size: Full 54" x 75" x 14"
Color: Aqua
Thread Count: T250
Construction: Fitted sheet is sewn to flat sheet at the bottom and partway up each side. An area is left open on either side for ventilation. Zippers run the rest of the way up each side.
Safety: This product meets the CPSC safety standards. It is prop tested and formaldehyde free.
Recommended age for use: 12 months or older


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