I’ve been selling specialty bunk bed sheets for about 10 years now. These specialty sheets are called inseparable attached sheets.  Most of my customers love them.  Many common problems are solved such as tucking sheets on the wall side or sheets dangling around the bed.  There is no doubt, specialty bunk bed sheets are a great product and have a place in the bunk bed bedding market. But since I have discovered ZipSheets, nothing compares to the ease and good looks of these zipper bed sheets for bunk beds. They perfectly complement fitted bunk bed hugger comforters.  I would certainly recommend zipper bed sheets for bunk beds over any other kind of  specialty bunk bed sheets.  Why?

Making a bunk bed will drive most people CRAZY!

Everyone knows it’s hard to make a bunk bed or loft bed.  The mattress sits down in a frame on the top and bottom bunk.  Often, the bed is positioned against the wall making it even more difficult to get to all four corners to lift and tuck bed sheets. Most people manage to do that when they change the sheets to launder them.  But it’s almost impossible to do that lifting and tucking daily.  It will damage your knuckles and drive you CRAZY!   The result is a messy bunk bed with dangling sheets that can even pose a safety hazard to those who sleep in the bed. So, how do people cope?  Some just use a fitted sheet with a blanket, some put a sleeping bag on top of the fitted sheet, and still others go for the more expensive “all-in-one” zipper bedding.  But if you are new to the zipper bedding market, it might be good to try ZipSheets first.  These zipper bed sheets for bunk beds will solve many of the most common bunk bed and loft bed bedding problems.

So how do zipper sheets help solve bunk bed bedding problems?

ZipSheets are designed to go on easily like a fitted bed sheet with the flat sheet attached.  The flat sheet is sewn to the fitted sheet at the foot end only and zippers join the top sheet to the fitted sheet along both sides.  An area is left open at the foot end for ventilation. The entire ZipSheet set looks  fitted on the bed as no bed sheets hang below the mattress.  It can even be used alone in warmer climates or if the top bunk is not being used daily, it will act as a mattress cover so no additional bedding is needed.

Who can benefit from zipper sheets for bunk beds?

Bunk beds and loft beds aren’t limited to children and teens.  Many adults use bunk and loft beds in small living spaces.  There are bunk rooms in cabins, vacation homes, and military institutions.  With the newly redesigned ZipSheets, all ages can enjoy the benefits of these zipper bed sheets.  They are available in most standard bed sizes and a variety of colors from vibrant fun colors to more soothing neutral colors.  Originally,  zip sheets were for kids but the redesign and longer zippers have made these sheets work for folks of all ages and all bed types.  Now, everyone can enjoy zipper bed sheets for bunk beds!  Shop our complete selection of ZipSheets.