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Shop Zipper Bedding

Zipper Bedding at Kids Zip Sheets

Innovative Zipper Bedding for Kids

Do you love the idea of zipper bedding but the prices are too much for you? Kids Zip Sheets allow you to experience zipper bedding at a fraction of the cost of the “All in One” zipper comforters.  Use the sheets alone or with your favorite quilt or blanket on top.  You too can enjoy the many benefits of zipper bedding!

Our innovative design incorporates two zippers, one on either side, so kids stay tucked in.  When kids sleep better, so do you!  Use these sheets zipped up, unzipped, or zipped part of the way – they still stay in place!  The sheets are so easy to zip up, kids even love to make their own beds.  Beautiful colors make them attractive enough to be used without a top comforter on warm evenings. However, a blanket can always be placed on top for extra warmth.

Our zipper sheets are available in crib, twin, full and a few queen sizes.  They fit mattresses up to 14″ deep.  Our 100% cotton kids zip sheets are machine washable and my be tumble dried on low heat.

Sky Blue and Lilac Flannels are discontinued for now but we hope to restock regular cotton Aqua and add NEW Grey Flannel in all sizes very soon. Give Kids Zip Sheets a try!

100% Cotton Bed Sheets with Zippers 

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